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After over a decade of using deviantArt to house my art, I'm ready to move on to different places. It's difficult walking away from such an amazing miniature empire; you guys have all been fantastic to me, from PFF2 fans to Pokemorph fans - the entire lot of you. But growth begets change. I've been using Tumblr as my primary art gallery for over a year now, since there are less restrictions on what I can post over there, and deviantArt has been more than a little confining over the past few years.

So, what's going to happen? I'll be going through my gallery and purging it pretty thoroughly. Anything I've drawn is going to be taken down and moved elsewhere. It'll be a days-long event, though.

What's staying here? Anything that can't readily be repurposed will stick around. Minecraft screenshots, cosplay photos, Gmod videos and the like can still be found here, but all of the really good stuff will be posted elsewhere. Where Words Fail will also be sticking around, so don't worry about losing that. :)

Where will I be able to follow your art? Any one of three places: FurAffinity, which is almost exclusively Pokemorphs, Tumblr, and my newly-establised Weasyl account.

Can I still contact you here? Absolutely! I'm not going to completely vanish. I still use deviantArt as a means of communication, so you can still send me notes and whatever. Just, no new art will go here.

Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)

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happy birthday
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Yeah, I kinda retired. I realized I was becoming one of those terrible forum-haters, easily provoked into arguments and turning into an asshole because of it. But yeah, we've always got here. :) I'm also on Twitter (as are Fry, Nester, Rupee and Sockfox) if you want to register there!
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